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Cincinnati Debut

BEST recently made its Cincinnati debut by collaborating with the Greater Cincinnati Chinese School. Diana Yue (CEO) and Sumaiya Hossain created an interactive game on a tri-fold poster board for the students to play during their ten minute breaks from class. Diana and Sumaiya began by presenting the elementary-aged children with basic information about oral hygiene, and then proceeded to commence the game. After dividing the students into two groups, each team was able to choose a card from the poster board, containing a question about oral hygiene. Each card had a different number of points depending on the difficulty of the question. This process continued until all the cards were gone. The team with the most points was able to win new toothbrushes and toothpaste to bring home. Through a simple (and occasionally competitive) game, BEST was able to provide essential information to the Chinese school students that they will hopefully remember for a lifetime.

- Sumaiya Hossain, IHHS '20

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1 Comment

Diana Yue
Diana Yue
Aug 03, 2018

Sounds amazing!

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