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Through generous help from various organizations, BEST has had the opportunity to grow and prosper. Since the commencement of our project in 2017, we have had the chance to brighten the smiles of thousands of children.

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Timeline of BEST

In March 2017, Sarah and Diana started their first class to teach children at their mother's hometown about the importance of oral care. 

November 2017 marks another important timeline for Sarah and Diana. Their trip to Guizhou, China marks their official collaboration with Yi Angel, the biggest Chinese nonprofit focusing on promoting activism. It is also their first time teaching oral health beyond their mother's hometown.

In November 2018 and after countless BEST lectures and classrooms, BEST officially partnered with Qingmiao Dental Clinic where Sarah delivered her oral health class to a group of young children and patients.  

In December 2018, Sarah along with Qingmiao Dental brought BEST to Yunnan, China. 

In October 2019, BEST started its first-ever class in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. As their first class in the United States, BEST underwent many changes to adapt to US schools and students. However, they were overwhelmed by the love and excitement the children demonstrated.