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We want the public to have clear access to our results. This way, we can publicize our achievments while ensuring you have the best understanding and belief in BEST. Our Results page is automatically synced with our information database so all the information you're receiving is accurate and up-to-date. 


Schools/Local Communities 


Children Impacted


Teachers Supported

Through generous help from various organizations, BEST has had the opportunity to grow and prosper. Since the commencement of our project in 2017, we have had the chance to brighten the smiles of thousands of children.

COVID Response
Donations Summary 

Total: 21,364¥/$3,025
Donors: 39
Start Date: 04/01/2020

Donors Page

During this time of crisis, we appreciate the help of all our volunteers and donors. When our donation page was first initiated, we immediately received support from everyone. Some left encouraging messages for our volunteers, some expressed their empathy for our frontline workers. Regardless of the amount, these donations brought warmth to all our hearts as we see donations and our efforts united from all over the world (China, the US, UK, Canada, and more). We use this page to demonstrate BEST's appreciation and recognition for everyone who has supported the cause and alleviated the situation for our courageous frontline workers. Please acknowledge that many donations were made anonymously and that their support is equally appreciated by BEST.
1000/$142 +
RuiYan Feng, Jia, HaoPing Sun, Nathan An, Kevin Zeng, Leo Qi, Su Jia, Diana Yue , Elsa Zhou, Sophia Liu, Vivian Xu, Sophia Zou
500/$71 +​
Qiong He, Rosy Wu, ZeYu Liu, Ethan Ma, Iris Guo, Aasia Gabbour, Emi Tao 

200/$29 +
Cindy Yu, Mei An, JieRu Wang, Guangjun Yang, TongYan Wang, Ling Peng, Katherine Trisolini, Sarah Yue, Grace Zhou, Alex Tran
¥70/$10 +
Vincy, Inger Yue, Xia Jiu, Angela You, Louisa K, Fei Wang, Amanda Zou
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