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BEST's COVID-19 Relief Experience with Cindy from Mercy West Hospital

Today, B.E.S.T. members delivered 300 procedural masks to Mercy West hospital to aid the fight against the Coronavirus.

Cindy, a nurse at Mercy, came out of the hospital to collect them and expressed her heartfelt gratitude. “These masks will be incredibly helpful,” she said, “and we will give them to our nurses for their work in the ICU but also for when they go to the grocery store. This ensures that they keep themselves safe and also that they can return to the hospital and keep our patients safe as well.”

Speaking from behind masks, B.E.S.T. board member Marc-Aurele also asked how the visitation was going inside the hospital. Cindy explained, “Well, the nurses have become the families for our patients. Besides using tablets to help family members stay in touch, the nurses have also been taking around snack carts, puzzles, and games… they truly help everyone in any way that they can.”

Luckily, Cindy was also able to give more positive and uplifting news: “More people are getting cleared to leave the hospital. Last time I checked, there were three times more people leaving than people checking in, so it’s really giving us some hope.”

B.E.S.T. continues to make an impact with Coronavirus relief efforts and the donation of masks to local hospitals.

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