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The Issue

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The Issue

There are approximately 900,000,000 children living in rural environments globally, and 70% of them have oral health issues.

Oral Diseases Can Cause: 

Pain and Disability 

School Absences

Poor Appearance

Our Research 

BEST conducts its own research to have a firm grasp on the issue of oral hygiene in certain areas. So far, BEST has surveyed 1,156 children living in rural Shanxi as a start. The survey consists of questions such as “When did you first brush your teeth?” and “How frequently do you brush your teeth?" So far, results show that more than 99% of students not only fail to brush their teeth twice a day but also have never brushed their teeth since the age of 6. Although sugar intake may be less frequent in rural areas as to urban areas, research still shows they are three times more likely to have cavities. 

So far, this valuable data on China’s oral hygiene status will be compiled by BEST and presented at the Chinese Oral Health Poster Presentation. This information will also be used by organizations such as the Chinese Oral Health Foundation and American Education Dental Association. 


In the United States, children living in poverty have five times more untreated dental decay.


According to our research conducted in China with over 600 children, 99% of them fail to brush their teeth twice a day. In fact, 99% of the children didn’t brush their teeth until the age of 6.

Benefits of Proper Oral Health

Enhanced Ability to Smile

Better Overall Health

Boost in Confidence 

It's more than just a better smile...


Proper oral hygiene presents a myriad of opportunities that go beyond health and hygiene. A better appearance psychologically empowers people during a wide spectrum of activities, from applying for a job to making new friends. In fact, it is important to note that 46% of recruiters surveyed have disclosed that a candidate's appearance plays a role throughout the hiring process. A strand of floss can pave the way to a lucrative and fulfilling future. 


Beyond a better appearance, proper oral health care is fundamentally essential to the lives of children. Those who adequately take care of their teeth from an early age are less prone to oral health diseases, meaning they will have an increased chance at living a happy and healthy life.

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