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BEST x Mininfinity

BEST is now working with Mini-infinity, started by a graduated senior from Peking High School who is attending Dartmouth in the Fall. Mini-infinity focuses on helping left-behind children living in underprivileged areas find a sense of identity and renewed confidence. BEST is happy to work with them and expand our work to four different areas in China: Beijing, Xiongan, Shanxi, and Shandong.

BEST has previously collaborated with Mini-infinity in August 2017 where our volunteer Kirsty, rising Junior at the International School of Beijing, joined their trip to Hunan to educate and provide oral care supplies to nearly 100 students.

Due to the successes of our past collaboration, BEST will be coaching Mini-infinity members to teach nearly 400 children on the importance of oral hygiene and how to brush their teeth properly. At the same time, BEST’s collaboration with Yitianshi will donate 400 sets of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and self-designed BEST education pamphlets to these areas. Most importantly we have now established a permanent partnership to serve underprivileged children for years to come.

Let us wait for their good news!

– Diana Yue; founder/executive director of BEST & IHHS ’20

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