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Donations Summary 

Total: 21,364¥/$3,025
Donors: 39
Start Date: 04/01/2020

Progress TimeLine


BEST board members Diana Yue and Sumaiya Hossain helped finalize 47 boxes of medical gowns for doctors in Wuhan through the Cincinnati ACCA. 



1450 N95 Masks and 20 medical hand sanitizers were donated to the Central Wuhan hospital, the epicenter of the pandemic where 300 medical professionals were already infected.


BEST donated 225 masks to UC Health at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. 25 of these masks were procedural masks with wrap around splashguard visor. 


Another 100 masks were donated to the Cincinnati Jewish hospital! Our members have created artworks and messages for our doctors and nurses. 


BEST's donation of 1,000 procedural masks arrived in Rhode Island Hospital with the help of Brown University students who coordinated the transition. This is the state where our board members Nathan An attends school. 


BEST donated 300 masks to Mercy West. Cindy, a nurse at Mercy, came out of the hospital to collect them and expressed her heartfelt gratitude. “These masks will be incredibly helpful,” she said, “and we will give them to our nurses for their work in the ICU but also for when they go to the grocery store. This ensures that they keep themselves safe and also that they can return to the hospital and keep our patients safe as well.” Continue to read our experience here.  


300 level 2 and level 3 boxes were donated to the Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati. 


A total of 350 masks were donated to the Cincinnati VA through Dr. Lina Mandybur (a long time member and supporter of BEST). 


COVID-19 worsened in the United States and BEST shifted its focus towards contributing to our combat towards the virus local to our community. BEST initiated its online fundraiser in which nearly $1,800 was fundraised in the first day. 


A total of 300 level 2 and 3 masks were shipped to the hospital dipole de Savoie in

France and Italy (150 masks were donated each to both hospitals). BEST members also put in appreciation letters and heart-warming messages for the courageous workers at these hospitals. 



BEST contacted hospitals and doctors in Cincinnati (shout out to Dr. Lina Mandybur at the Cincinnati VA) and Wuhan. Photo presents board members Nathan An and Diana Yue discussing upcoming plans.

Donors Page

During this time of crisis, we appreciate the help of all our volunteers and donors. When our donation page was first initiated, we immediately received support from everyone. Some left encouraging messages for our volunteers, some expressed their empathy for our frontline workers. Regardless of the amount, these donations brought warmth to all our hearts as we see donations and our efforts united from all over the world (China, the US, UK, Canada, and more). We use this page to demonstrate BEST's appreciation and recognition for everyone who has supported the cause and alleviated the situation for our courageous frontline workers. Please acknowledge that many donations were made anonymously and that their support is equally appreciated by BEST.
1000/$142 +
FengRuiYan (冯瑞艳), Jia (嘉), HaoPing Sun (孙浩平), Nathan An (安驿), Kevin Zeng, Leo Qi (祁天扬), JiaSu (嘉橚), Diana Yue (岳丹洋), Elsa Zhou, Sophia Liu (刘飞扬), Vivian Xu, Sophia Zou
500/$71 +​
HeQiong (賀琼), Rosy Wu, ZeYu Liu (刘泽宇), Ethan Ma, Iris Guo (郭波), Aasia Gabbour,
Emi Tao 
200/$29 +
Cindy Yu (于娣), Mei An (安玫), JieRu Wang (王界茹), 
Guangjun Yang (杨广军), TongYan Wang (王童言), Ling Peng (彭玲), Katherine Trisolini, Sarah Yue, Grace Zhou, Alex Tran
¥70/$10 +
Vincy, Inger Yue (岳英格), Xia Jiu (九夏), Angela You, Louisa K, Fei Wang, Amanda Zou
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