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Beginning of BEST

Beginning of BEST

Our Product

Shocked by the level of water scarcity certain schools faced, Diana Yue decided to design water-free dental tablets to remove the common barrier many face to brush their teeth. 

BEST has designed its own dental tablets. When our founder, Diana Yue visited Xinlong Elementary School, a remote village school in Guizhou, China, she was shocked by their lack of adequate water source the village had. Xinlong Elementary School didn't have any nearby water source, therefore they relied entirely on the water shipped by the Guizhou government once a week. However, this was often not enough for their daily practices such as cooking food or conducting basic hygiene practices. With barely enough water for the children and village to drink, the village lacked water for certain hygiene practices such as brushing their teeth. From our research, nearly 97% of the students failed to brush their teeth every day. 


Later living in Kompingpouy, a remote village in Siem Reap, Diana experienced the same level of water scarcity. Kompingpouy, from cooking to cleaning, relied entirely on rainwater although it has proven to contain a large amount of acid. For the same reason as Xinlong, this village devotes their water supply for consumption with not enough left for hygiene practices, such as brushing their teeth. As Diana visited more areas, she figured more and more places, including areas in the US, are lacking a basic requirement for brushing their teeth: water. 


After witnessing their widespread phenomenon, Diana decided to design a type of teeth cleansing product that doesn't require any water to brush one's teeth. She then contacted and collaborated with Zhonghan OEM, to put her designs into tangible products. 


Now, BEST is proud to announce the official production of these BEST dental tablets. The tablet doesn't require any water as foam can be generated with the saliva in one's mouth. Since the toothpaste contains a low but still effective amount of fluoride, even if the user can't spit all the foam out of their mouth, the tablet wouldn't harm the user's teeth but remain as a protective shield.  

Donate so we can produce more BEST tablets and help more kids achieve a bright, confident smile. 
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