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Board of Directors
Diana Yue, CEO | Phone: (513) 886-3938

Diana Yue is a junior at Indian Hill High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. She founded BEST in 2017 with hopes of serving children in her hometown. 

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Liz Radway, Treasurer

Liz Radway is a junior at Indian Hill High School who has a passion for helping others. Her travels to other countries where oral care is often neglected inspired her to join the BEST team. Besides working with BEST, Liz peruses her passion projects of conducting a leadership camp with the Red Cross for disadvantaged teenagers and also researching suicide prevention with Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Kathy Trisolini, Director of Legal

Kathy Trisolini is currently a professor at Loyola Law School focusing on climate change and energy law. She graduated with distinction from Stanford Law School where she served as a teaching assistant. Her articles have also appeared in professional and prestigious journal publications including the Yale Journal of Law and Public Policy. 

Sumaiya Hossain, Secretary | Phone: (513) 410-1882

Sumaiya Hossain is a junior at Indian Hill High School. She volunteers at the hospital and works at a tutoring center for children. Her parents’ experience growing up in a third world country inspired her to join BEST.

Scott Whalen, Director of Fundraising

Phone: (513) 983-1100

Scott Whalen is a director of Global Oral Care Research and Development and Glad Joint Venture at The Procter & Gamble Company. He is currently responsible for global out/in-licensing of products, technologies, trademarks, and know-how.

Lina Mandybur, Director of Public Relations

Phone: (513) 521-0461

Dr. Lina Mandybur is a dentistry practitioner at Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Cincinnati, OH. 

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