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Beginning of BEST

Beginning of BEST


What We've Done...

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals have been facing severe shortages in proper medical gear due to the surge of COVID-19 patients globally. Consequently, medical professionals have been under-equipped when handling patients, which has been harmful to both the hospital staff and the patients they have been treating. In order to assist hospitals in meeting the high demand for adequate medical equipment, such as N95 masks, BEST recently donated thousands of masks to hard-hit countries. In the United States, BEST donated 200 N95 masks to UC Hospital. 1450 N95 masks and 20 medically professional sanitizers were sent to Central Wuhan Hospital in China, the biggest hospital in Wuhan. BEST also donated to countries that were struck by the pandemic in Europe; 220 N95 masks were sent to Italy and 220 were sent to France. As COVID-19 is growing at an accelerating speed here in America, BEST will be shifting its focus strongly towards the US and supply as many masks and as many medical supplies as possible to our doctors and nurses fighting in the frontline. 

HOW do i help?

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Scan the QR-Code for donations. No amount is too much or too little.  We appreciate your time and efforts in helping us alleviate the current COVID-19 situation!

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Donate so we can produce more BEST tablets and help more kids achieve a bright, confident smile. 
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