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BEST (Better Education for Stronger Teeth)

BEST, founded in 2017 by sister Diana Yue and Sarah Yue, both current and past Indian Hill student, serves to globally promote proper oral hygiene practices to children in underdeveloped areas. The founder, inspired by her father’s hardships as a child, set out on a mission to change the current status of oral hygiene in the world. Starting with Diana and Sarah’s mother’s hometown in rural China, BEST has reached a myriad of cultures, from remote villages in Cambodia to the urban outskirts of Cincinnati. Through generous donations and sponsors, BEST has been able to distribute oral hygiene products, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, to children in these areas in order to jumpstart a lifetime of oral health care. Later meeting members like Sumaiya Hossain and Sean Lu, BEST expanded and incorporated the help of many more individuals. 

What started as a simple school project has progressed to become an international non-profit organization that has helped nearly 8,000 children realize the importance of taking care of their teeth.

Board of Directors
Diana Yue, Founder & President​
Sumaiya Hossain, Vice President

Diana Yue is a junior at Indian Hill High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her parents' difficult upbringing during in aftermath of the Cultural Revolution in rural China exposed her to the realities of poverty. It inspired her to found BEST in 2017 with hopes of serving children in her hometown. Besides BEST, she is also a passionate artist and traditional Chinese dancer. In the future, Diana hopes to become a social advocate in the public health industry.

Sumaiya Hossain is a junior at Indian Hill High School. She volunteers at the hospital, works at a tutoring center for children, and is involved in Science Olympiad. Her experiences visiting her parents' home country, Bangladesh, caused her to gain awareness of public health issues, inspiring her to join BEST. 


Sean Lu, Secondary Vice President

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Marc-Aurele Lallement, Treasurer

Sean Lu is a junior at Indian Hill High School. He enjoys helping others and doing philanthropic work. Sean volunteers at the Bethesda North Hospital along with joining the Junior Volunteer program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. His profound interest in medicine and the sciences drew him to join the BEST team. In addition, Sean participates in other activities including tennis, the competitive math team, and speech and debate.

Marc-Aurele Lallement is a French American Senior at Indian Hill High School. With a pronounced compassionate and hard-working spirit, he turns towards helping others. He volunteers in various organizations such as the annual Fort Knox service trip to help underprivileged children and helping the Global Network group. Working for BEST for almost a year now, he is dedicated to making this valuable organization grow not only in disadvantaged local areas in America, but also in Asia. His other interests include STEM and the Classics - interests he’s followed by revitalizing the Indian Hill Robotics and Latin clubs as Treasurer and Consul, respectively. He loves long-distance running and playing soccer and ultimate frisbee with his friends in his spare time.


Pietro Lavezzo, Secretary 


Liz Radway, Chief Accounting Officer

Pietro Lavezzo is an Italian Senior at Indian Hill High School. He's a Red Cross volunteer and tutors kids in a poor suburban area of Cincinnati. His leadership and hard work are shown in the robotics and soccer team, both of which he is captain. Since he heard about BEST he was immediately invested in the cause and wanted to help any way he could. In his spare time, he likes to play ultimate frisbee, soccer, and spend time with his friends.

Liz Radway is an Indian Hill High School Senior and an Ohio native. Liz is passionate about philanthropy, being greatly involved with the National American Red Cross, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and the TEDx Community. Outside of her school work and volunteer work, Liz is a passionate dancer and travels across the country competing. She is truly humbled by the impact she has been able to have through BEST and hopes to expand BEST even more over the next few years.

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Vivek Alamuri, Director of Human Resources


Nathan An 

Vivek Alamuri is a junior at Indian Hill High School. He grew up in India, Canada and now lives in America. He is passionate about helping others and so, chose to become a doctor and is in a medical program to explore various professions in the field, including dental care. Aside from that, Vivek is also a math tutor and loves to play soccer. He joined BEST because of his experience with growing up in different communities and BEST’s unique goal to improve dental care for underprivileged children.

Nathan is a junior at St. George’s school in Rhode Island. He likes to think, create and explore. At school, he is a runner for cross-country team and swim captain for swim team. He likes challenges, and he loves facing the uncertainties, as he climbed  numerous mountains and sailed around the world. He likes spending time with people, while he also enjoys spending time with himself and think. He is passionate and compassionate. Serving many leadership roles as he grew up, he has never stop to seek the better way that he could involve in this fast-changing world and help the needed ones with all his capacity.

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